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State and Local Finance Data

Exploring the Census of Governments

This tool provides easy access to state and local public finance data, primarily from the US Census Bureau’s Census of Governments and its associated annual survey.

Explore state and local revenue, spending, and debt from 1977 through 2021. Pick the data you’d like to see, choose options to filter your search, and download your results.

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Have a question? Contact the Urban Institute’s State and Local Finance Initiative for help using this tool or understanding the data.


These data come largely from the US Census Bureau’s Census of Governments and Annual Survey of State and Local Government Finances; additional data are from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. For more information about the US Census Bureau’s descriptions of each revenue, spending, and debt variable, see its Government Finance and Employment Classification Manual.

See the technical appendix for help using this tool and see the data definitions for more information about the variable names and codes.

A database containing all years of the Census Bureau’s data is available in a single file through Atkinson Graduate School of Management at Willamette University.


This is a project of the State and Local Finance Initiative, an Urban Institute project in the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.

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Nikhita Airi, Lucy Dadayan, and Kim Rueben